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Guest: Patrick Deloy

The Future Of Omni-Channel Retail In Asia (Part 2)

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September 14, 2022

Episode Notes

This episode of The Negotiation is part 2 of our conversation with Patrick Deloy, Managing Director at Merkle, an award-winning e-commerce solutions provider, which supports medium to large B2C and B2B companies with the planning, development, localization and long-term support of multi-country e-commerce website deployments in the APAC region.

We continue our conversation with Patrick by discussing the merging of omnichannel retail consumers in Asia and the meta verse; the prominent commerce trends he sees post-Covid; how curb-side pickup became popular; the concept of total commerce; the partner ecosystem and why it’s critical to have to enter the APAC market; Patrick’s thoughts on how to win through superior customer experience; and how the future of offline retail is very much alive and well, just different.


Topics Discussed and Key Points: 

  • The merging of omnichannel retail consumers in Asia and the metaverse.
  • Prominent trends following COVID’s emergence.
  • How curbside pickup became popular.
  • Why there’s still plenty of room for growth in omnichannel retail in Asia.
  • The fractured ecosystem across APAC.
  • The concept of total commerce.
  • The partner ecosystem and why it is critical.
  • Why customer experience is everything and how to enable superior customer experience.
  • The future of offline retail and what customers expect from offline retail.