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Guest: Marko Tiesmäki

Nokia’s Journey in China, and Promoting the Finland-China Trade Relationship

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June 28, 2023

Episode Notes

In this episode of The Negotiation podcast, we are delighted to feature Marko Tiesmäki on the show. Marko is the China country director for Business Finland and has a wealth of business experience, including China leadership roles at Nokia and Airbus. Business Finland is a governmental entity operating within the Finnish Ministry of Employment and Economy. Founded on January 1, 2018, its primary objectives include promoting trade, tourism, and foreign investments in Finland. Additionally, Business Finland offers financial support for innovation initiatives.

In our conversation with Marko, we gain valuable insights into his experiences working in China in the 1990s and his current role promoting Finnish businesses in China. Marko shares his insights on the growth of mobile technology, changes in China over the past few decades, and the potential for Finnish companies to enter the Chinese market in areas such as carbon reduction and energy transition. We explore the importance of personal connections and community, whether it’s building relationships with Chinese partners or bonding over a shared love of hockey. We also touch on the challenges of doing business in China, such as the increasing dominance of local competition, the importance of adapting to changes in the industry, and much more. Enjoy!

Topics Discussed and Key Points:

●      Evolution of Mobile Connectivity: The transition from basic voice connections to mobile connectivity
●      The introduction of IP connectivity and the concept of “IP in your pocket”
●      Transformation of China’s Infrastructure
●      Rapid Development and Urbanization in China
●      Acquisition of Alcatel-Lucent by Nokia
●      The importance of maintaining market position in China, particularly after mergers
●      The geopolitical factors and recent events have made it more challenging for foreign players to operate in China
●      Nokia’s positioning for future growth
●      China as the ultimate test of a company’s fitness and resilience
●      The period of liberalization and business opportunities for foreign companies in China
●      Three major phases of change in China’s development and policies
●      Finland’s business relationship with China and opportunities in green energy and energy transition
●      The hockey community in Beijing: The participation of ex-pats and various nationalities in the Beijing International Ice Hockey League.

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