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Jacob Cooke

Co-Founder & CEO

Jacob Cooke is the Co-Founder and CEO of WPIC Marketing + Technologies, a leading e-commerce and technology consultancy that drives growth for global brands in China, Japan, and Southeast Asia.

As CEO, Jacob is the driving force behind WPIC’s world-class data tools, e-commerce services, and artificial intelligence technology. Under his leadership, the firm has built out an expansive solution set covering data analytics, e-commerce activations and store management, brand strategy, creative campaigns, merchandising, warehousing, 3PL integrations, and more.

Jacob has lived in Beijing since 2003 and is a regular contributor to Bloomberg on e-commerce, retail, and technology trends in China. He is a member of the MIT Sloan School of Management and holds an Advanced Certificate in Engineering from MIT’s Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.

He speaks Mandarin and Japanese.

Joseph Cooke

Co-Founder & President

Joseph Cooke is the Co-Founder and President of WPIC Marketing + Technologies, a leading e-commerce and technology consultancy that drives growth for global brands in China, Japan, and Southeast Asia.

As President, Joseph is a driving force behind WPIC’s global business development, strategic planning, and deployment of cross-border projects that enable organizations from around the world to achieve their targets in APAC markets.

Having lived in and operated in Asia for close to two decades, his key areas of expertise include e-commerce, analytics, data scraping, website development and deployment, legal setup, licensing, ICP registration, and more.

As an innovator and problem-solver in Asia’s digital space, Joseph has been the recipient of a number of awards, including: CIBC’s Top Entrepreneur Award (BC region); Pacific division finalist for EY’s 2021 Entrepreneur of The Year Award; gold-medal winner of CCBC’s 2020 Canada China Business Excellence Award; and a Western Canada finalist in KPMG’s Enterprise Tech Innovator Competition.

Joseph is an alumnus of Cornell University and The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Funa Fu

Chief Technology Officer

With more than 10 years of IT experience, Funa’s background is in Internet product development and management, with a focus on system construction and technology development.

A graduate of the Beijing Language and Culture University, Funa has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Technology. At WPIC, she has worked in several areas including software development, system management and architecture, technical support management, product planning, and team management.

Adept at developing and executing long-term implementation plans, Funa and her technical team provide strong management experience as they lead clients through the creation of development goals, project processes, and project standards. She ensures that the implementation serves and enhances her clients’ infrastructure capabilities.

Funa’s insight into emerging Internet technologies and proficiency with front-end interface development, user interaction and data collection, and data storage assists her clients in driving business results.

Jessie Jin

Chief Operations Officer

Having joined WPIC in 2014, Jessie leads the firm’s Nanjing office as Chief Operations Officer, where she oversees all logistics, warehousing, e-commerce operations, finance, customer service, and marketing for dozens of organizations.

A graduate of Jinling College at Nanjing University, Jessie has a BA in Financial Management and Accounting as well as a master’s degree from Bournemouth University in the UK.

Leading over 150 people, Jessie’s team is accountable for omnichannel planning and execution across multiple platforms, as well as operational and marketing initiatives that drive efficiency, revenue, and profit.

Jessie’s creativity, financial acumen, strong market insights, and exceptional expertise in Asia’s omnichannel retail ecosystem ensure WPIC’s clients enjoy clear roadmaps to success.

Maggie Zhang

Chief Financial Officer, China

With twenty years of executive financial management experience at both large multinationals and small and mid-sized enterprises, Maggie plays a crucial role in facilitating WPIC’s rapid growth in her role as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for China.

Maggie’s expertise encompasses financial reporting, planning, budgeting, tax planning, equity financing, and mergers and acquisitions, across the technology, logistics, telecommunications, education, and construction industries. A CFO for nearly fifteen years, Maggie was named a Top Ten Outstanding CFO by CFO World magazine in 2013.

Maggie holds an MBA from Drexel University and a Bachelor of Arts from the Beijing Foreign Studies University. She is accredited as a Chartered Management Accountant and a Chartered Global Management Accountant and has completed executive education in capital markets at the Peking University HSBC Business School.

Hilary Li

Vice President, Digital Marketing

Hilary has been with WPIC for over 10 years. Highly regarded amongst her clients, colleagues and industry peers, Hilary is known for her innovative approach to executing impactful, effective campaigns that consistently deliver high ROI.

Upon graduating with a master’s degree in linguistics from the Beijing International Studies University, Hilary quickly immersed herself in digital marketing and honed her skills to design and build powerful campaigns for her clients on a regular basis. A firm believer that good digital marketing demands both artistic and scientific skills, Hilary’s marketing mantra reads: “Creating good advertising is art, while testing, tracking data, and managing campaigns is a science.”

With extensive experience in marketing management, Hilary ensures optimal performance for key, high-value client campaigns. With her influence, WPIC’s clients fully realize the return on their investment in Asia.

Laura Wang

Vice President, Logistics

Laura graduated with a master’s degree in Agribusiness and Management from Wageningen University in the Netherlands. She then went on to enter the world of marketing — joining international business East-West Seed in Holland and Thailand for two years. In 2014, Laura returned to China, working in a marketing capacity in Beijing.

Since joining WPIC, Laura has built in-depth knowledge and expertise across a range of e-commerce and logistics platforms. She has extensive experience navigating China’s domestic and cross-border e-commerce ecosystem, the Cainiao and JD logistics platforms, the PRC’s import policy towards a variety of industries, product registration, advanced warehouse management, and more.

Alex Palmer

Executive Vice President, Engagements

As head of WPIC’s Engagements division, Alex leads the primary customer relationship team and brings a deep background in enterprise-level solution building, product development, go-to-market strategy and program management.

Alex brings a unique focus on strategy development, agile execution, partnership building, and customer service, thanks to his experience in implementing a variety of global solutions in operations, digital transformation, and marketing- for both small businesses and Fortune 100 companies like Shell and Cargill.

His background in market analysis and new product strategy, combined with a solution-oriented mindset, a collaborative nature, and a team-first approach creates a client environment where strategy blends into tactical execution, leveraging all of the capabilities that WPIC has to offer.

Charles Lavoie

Vice President, Marketing
Head of Creative Labs

At WPIC, Charles is responsible for developing and executing the vision of the WPIC Creative Labs, which provides world-class content, advertising, design, and brand strategy services for clients. Under his leadership, the team has grown from 10 individuals to more than 25.

As an experienced brand and marketing strategist, Charles has been building and growing brands in China and the APAC region since 2012. Over the last decade, his leadership and cross-cultural communication abilities have helped him to become a trusted operator with the ability to organize and grow marketing teams effectively.

Prior to joining WPIC, Charles was the Director of Strategy and Corporate Development at PBB Creative, where he helped to create one of China’s leading design and branding agencies. He also co-founded Infina Vodka, a Beijing-based alcohol brand, and was responsible for the growth of the company from its conception to expansion into more than 10 cities in Greater China as well as the brand’s expansion into Africa.

Charles’ career has seen him developing brands, building strategies and executing campaigns for organizations like Acura, Uber, Daimler, DiDi, Tencent, the World Bank, as well as the Quebec and Canadian Governments.

Xiang Chen

Vice President, Strategy & Insights

Growing up in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies, Xiang has native bilingual proficiency in both Mandarin Chinese and English, while also possessing an in-depth understanding of both Eastern and Western culture. He has a Bachelor of Applied Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Toronto, and started his professional career working for Canada’s largest telecom company as a Project Planner, managing the core network division and overseeing several large-scale network upgrades.

With a technical background and experience in project management, Xiang later joined a technology service startup in Beijing as a Product Director. He built the IT team from the ground up, and managed several IT development and analytics projects for customers, ranging from Fortune 500 companies to Private Equity investors.

Xiang has worked with a number of partners and clients across North America, Europe, and Asia.

Peter McMath

Chief Revenue Officer

Originating from an entrepreneurial background as Founder and Executive, Peter is obsessed with solving problems. Having built and executed solutions across every department of a company, Peter is now committed to leveraging his holistic experience in value creation and growth for organizations seeking market entry and market growth in the Asia Pacific regions.

From ideation to execution, Peter has developed products, built consumer brands, managed international sourcing and complex supply chain logistics and discovered partnership opportunities. Ultimately, Peter’s impact has created value for organizations and customers in over 40 countries.

Peter’s strong ability to identify and understand the core problems, then communicate a concise and appealing vision forward allows him to effectively identify key objectives and execute a plan to profitability and success.

Joyce Wang

Manager, Human Resources

Joyce joined WPIC as an HR manager in 2018, with more than 10 years HR experience spent at multinationals like JLL and Kardan Land.

Since joining, Joyce has worked to evolve WPIC’s HR operations, implementing new training programs, performance reviews, and recruitment processes, to enhance both candidate and employee experiences.

She works closely with WPIC’s senior leadership team, providing guidance over personnel and organizational development.