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Guest: Igor Duc

Tech Accessories & The Future Of Omni Channel Retail (Part 2)

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February 1, 2023

Episode Notes

This episode of The Negotiation features part 2 of our conversation with Igor Duc.

Igor is the Founder & CEO of Native Union, a consumer electronics accessories company that combines the finest hand-picked materials, thoughtful design, and considerate details to create products with personality, empowering the modern lifestyle.

Today’s episode continues our conversation with Igor, as we talk more about omnichannel retail and marketplaces, premium branding and pricing, and the future of retail and commerce. We finish the chat by discussing environmental sustainability.

Topics Discussed and Key Points:


  • ● Omni-channel and marketplaces
  • ● Why Hong Kong’s retail industry is still relevant today
  • ● Premium branding and pricing
  • ● Insights and nuances of the consumer electronics accessory space
  • ● The future of retail and commerce around the world
  • ● The purpose of retail today
  • ● Why modern retail must be thoughtful and design-oriented
  • ● Environmental sustainability