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Safari Ltd

We helped an educational animal–focused toy company expand into the Chinese market.

Safari Ltd case study


Key Deliverables

The client

Founded in 1982, Safari Ltd is an American company that sells a range of realistic animal toys for children of all ages. 

The challenge

Safari Ltd approached WPIC and expressed interest in a China market entry for their line of educational, animal-focused toys.

Having heard about the opportunity that the $23 billion USD Chinese toy market presents, the company understood that China would be a tremendous opportunity for growth for the brand, especially as the global brick-and-mortar retail market came to a halt during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tasked with entry into a brand new market, Safari Ltd was faced with a variety of tasks that needed to be completed, including:

-SKU localization
-Store build and deployment
-CSR setup and management
-Platform marketing, performance marketing and content marketing
-Management of 3PL

Our solutions

Safari Ltd® engaged WPIC with executing all of the above elements of their market entry.

Not only did they need to be sure that their brand was being communicated in the market effectively, but they wanted to ensure that their online store was live in time for the summer and fall, providing a sufficient runway for the company to participate in China’s 2020 11/11 Singles’ Day shopping festival.

As part of the market entry, Safari Ltd® tasked WPIC with the following:

1. Handling of all administration tasks
2. Building an SKU localization program to evaluate (using Discripto™ data) and localizing product selection, as well as marketing collateral
3. End-to-end store set-up
4. Building, deploying and managing an in-market customer service and support program for the brand.
5. Building and executing an end-to-end in-market advertising and promotions program
6. Warehousing and logistics support


Thanks to WPIC’s efforts, Safari Ltd was able to launch their JD store and allow customers to begin purchasing products within 34 days of kicking off their market entry plan

Today, Safari Ltd’s JD store is gaining momentum in the Chinese e-commerce ecosystem and is growing in revenue each week. 

The company has put itself in a position to build upon several months of solid performance in the market, giving themselves a strong chance to be considered for the 11/11 Singles’ Day festival’s “Official Sale” in November.

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