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Sustainability, and Agricultural Impact with Pinduoduo. Late in July of 2020, it was in the news that PDD’s founder has moved into an executive chairman role as well as a couple of key new additions to the C-suite so we talked about why that is and what prompted the changes. We also talk about the growth of live streaming in China and how PDD has now entered the space as well and what makes their product unique compared to their competitors. We then discuss what C2M is, why it’s so relevant today, and why it’s often confused with D2C. We also talk about why PDD is starting to see some comparisons to Costco, and lastly now that we’re 6 months out from the worst of COVID-19 in China I ask XinYi if they are adopting new strategies and to talk about the misconception that PDD only services the lower-tiered cities. Enjoy!