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In this episode of The Negotiation, we speak with XinYi Lim, Senior Director of Corporate Development at Pinduoduo. She is responsible for Pinduoduo’s international corporate strategy efforts. As most of you know the growth story of Pinduoduo has been described as “miraculous.” It’s the fastest-growing e-commerce scale-up in China, cracking the RMB one trillion (about $141 billion) in transactions milestone in less than half the time it took Alibaba and JD. That, alongside a few other numbers, tells the story of an irresistible force shaking up China’s e-commerce landscape. If you took that story to the bank and picked up PDD shares at IPO, you’d be up 150% right now. Needless to say, this was all a story we were very excited to dig into. We talk to XinYi about interactive eCommerce and PDD’s backstory and differentiating factors and discuss observable trends in consumer behaviour. We also talk about which of those shifting behavioural-trends will be temporary or permanent and why. We also discuss Pinduoduo’s long-term growth strategy in the coming months and into next year, and their plans for international expansion. Enjoy!