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In this episode of The Negotiation I take the chance to catch up with an old and dear friend of mine, TR Harrington. TR is currently the CO-Program Director at MOX the Mobile Only Accelerator, an SOSV-backed accelerator based in Taipei, Taiwan. TR is one of very few foreign entrepreneurs to both build and sell a company inside China. His company was Darwin Marketing and he spent 13 years building it and we discuss the ups and downs and learning from that journey. We also talk about his work helping brands think through their customer experience, and the shift from key opinion leaders to key opinion customers, and the importance for brands to prioritize improvements as a strategy. We then chat about what MOX is and does, and why they and SOSV, in general, are so active and enthusiastic about the SE Asian region as a great place to look for growth both for brands and for startups. We end with an interesting look at whether Yahoo really lost or not when they went to Asia. Enjoy.