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Welcome to another episode of The Negotiation. As we continue our journey of understanding more about China we inevitably come across topics that require us to look back on how we got here so that we can better understand better where we are, then use it to forecast where the sector is going to go. Such is the case when trying to understand China’s housing market. We have landed two resources to interview for you all, each providing varying lenses for us to see the industry through. We will be releasing our discussion with Colin Bogar, CEO, and Head of Product Development, Property Passbook in a few weeks, but first we’d like you to try and sink your ears into a discussion with a local expert, Professor Simon Zhao, Former Director at the International Centre for China Development Studies, University of Hong Kong, where I ask Simon about the culture of “home buying” in China, how the financing is supported, how newly developed ghost towns can still sell out completely, and just try to make sense overall of the housing bubble in China and how the government can try to prevent it from bursting. Enjoy.