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In this episode of The Negotiation, we had an amazing conversation with Sarah Kutulakos, COO & Executive Director at the Canada China Business Council, Canada’s premier bi-lateral business council. After studying Chinese since the mid-80s she first headed out to Taipei, Taiwan in the early 90s before joining Kodak at a time when marketing was first coming to China. We discuss the vast changes she’s seen on both sides of the ocean over those years and how the level of sophistication in how each country deals with each other has grown. We discuss the role of women in business in China, a role that will likely surprise many, and how the novelty of being a foreign company is now gone. We also talk about the One Belt One Road policy and how foreign companies can and should work to understand the massive changes this will bring to well over 60 countries and how they can also take advantage to find new business opportunities and take advantage of it themselves. Enjoy!