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Sam Michael is an Executive Director at AtmosAir Solutions, a leading air purification technology brand from the United States. Sam made his foray into China in 2008 working in real estate, both with Asia’s largest industrial developer and one of Europe’s most successful luxury outlet developers. He was then brought onboard AtmosAir Solutions’ Shanghai office as Executive Director of Sales and Operations in 2015. In this episode, we discuss Air quality and pollution in China; key mistakes Western organizations make when they take on projects in China; how to manage relationships with Chinese government officials; why it’s important to be on the ground in the country when doing business with China, and how AtmosAir Solutions’ sales funnels differ in China vs in the US. And oh, fun fact, we perhaps for the first time on this podcast that is called The Negotiation, actually talk about what it’s like to negotiate deals in China! Enjoy!