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In this episode of The Negotiation, we speak with our good friend and past guest, Michael Zakkour. Michael is not only a best selling author on Amazon with China’s Super Consumers and his latest release, New Retail: Born in China Going Global, he is also the Founder of 5 New Digital. For our second recording with Michael, we focused quite a bit on the impact of COVID-19 as this really is the most important topic on all minds including corporate and the brands they own and manage. We talk about which retailers are doing well vs those that aren’t, and what key strategies are making the biggest difference, bearing in mind that “doing well” has taken on a more subdued metric. We also look specifically at Chinese brands for some answers on both accounts as a country whose economy has come back online recently and some data points there are starting to come in. We talk about changes in consumer trends that we can already see taking place and some predictions on more to come. We end with a look back to the last pandemic of this magnitude, the Spanish Flu, and track the outcomes on consumers then, through until today, trying to make sense of what we’re going through, especially as a business owner would, and the opportunities for entrepreneurs who might be buoyed by some strong tailwinds of opportunity. Enjoy!