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In this episode of The Negotiation, we speak my Matthew Brennan, Co-founder and Managing Director of China Channel, a company that provides digital marketing services for brands wishing to perform better on WeChat and in China’s digital ecosystem. Matthew is also the author of Attention Factory, The Story of TikTok & China’s ByteDance, which as many of you will know has been the subject of a ton of news and political posturing, etc. as it has absolutely taken the world by storm and you simply cannot be on social media these days without running into a TikTok short-form video, even if you’re not using the app! It’s an incredible story, driven by an incredible company, and we are thrilled to have Matthew on the show to narrate us through all of it. In part one of our discussion, we not only get some amazing background on where Bytedance, TouTiao, and TikTok came from but where they sit in the great tech puzzle of China and the secrets behind its unique algorithms that put YouTube’s stickiness to shame. Enjoy!