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In this episode of The Negotiation, we chat with Marian Danko, Founder at weHustle and TECOM. Marian is originally from Ukraine, and we talk about startup community reverse culture shock, given the speed of the ecosystem in China when visiting startup communities outside China. We talk about the investment landscape in China, especially for foreign startups trying to raise money from Chinese VCs. We talk about how the success of startups in China over the last 5 years has drastically changed the impression of the career choice of becoming an entrepreneur. We also discuss the “investment winter” that arrived in China and the reasons behind the drop-off in the number of investment dollars being deployed. We also talk about the state of the VR/AR industry in China, and why we should expect China to emerge as a leader in artificial intelligence technologies and applications. We also discuss some of the second and third-tier cities whose startup ecosystems are doing very well, like Chengdu and Hainan, and the levers that are making them so successful. Enjoy!