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This episode of The Negotiation is part two of our two-part conversation with Kevin Xu. A quick recap on Kevin – born in China, studied International Relations at Brown University then computer science and law at Stanford, working at the White House in the Obama administration, was very successful as an entrepreneur, and now invests both his time and money in the world of open source technology. He is also very much a cross-border expert with China, bilingually writing for his very successful blog Interconnected.blog and podcasting. Basically, I have life achievement envy. In this episode, we discuss how Chinese citizens view their own government, why Americans know less about how their government works compared to the Chinese, how Kevin developed an interest in geopolitics, the relationship between Obama and Xi Jinping, Kevin’s perspective on Huawei and their future, the potential implications of the US-China decoupling, and whether Chinese companies might delist from the US stock exchanges over the next few years. Enjoy.