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In this episode of The Negotiation, we talk with Kevin Worner, Head of Startup Acceleration @ Xnode in Shanghai. Kevin talks to us about the 3 business units of Xnode: corporate innovation training, startup acceleration and coworking. We talk about the difference between foreign and local Chinese startups and how impressed Kevin is with the ability of Chinese startups to adapt to market feedback so quickly, as well as how foreign startups can accelerate their growth to keep pace with the speed of China. We also talk about whether there is an opportunity to create space for startup tourism in China where startups can go to China not to enter the market purse but to develop a fast growth engine behind their product. Lastly, we talk about AI in China, both how the country is racing out in front due to the sheer amount and access to data they have to work with, as well as how startups can leverage the AI ecosystem in China to create leverage.