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Jim Fields is Founder and CEO of Relay Video, a Beijing-based creative marketing agency that specializes in creating stunning pieces of video content, both for disruptive startup businesses and large technology brands. Established in 2016, Relay Video was built on the belief that Chinese brands are the brands of the future. Relay’s mission, therefore, is to make films that tell the stories of these brands to a global audience. Jim is also a marketing consultant for the Chinese venture capital investment fund 10Fund and a mentor at Chinaccelerator. We explore the typical dynamics between creative agencies and their Chinese clients and talk about Relay’s very lofty goal to become China’s first truly global brand, and how they use the roadshow videos as an IPO marketing tool for companies. We also discuss what it’s been like monetizing a YouTube channel as a China vlogger based on Jim’s work on GRTR, as well as a sneak-peek into Jim’s newest project, Relay.club. Enjoy!