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In this episode of The Negotiation, we speak with James Lalonde, Co-Founder of Yodo1, yoli and RTM Asia. We start out discussing innovation in Japan, where James began his software career, vs innovation in China. As a 3-time founder in China, we then talk about why starting a business in China as a foreigner is not as uniquely complex as one might think. We also talk about how James’ company Yodo1 became one of the top 5 mobile game publishers in China, then moving into a discussion on how the startup ecosystems that exist in China can vary greatly city to city. We then chat about James’ thoughts on the Future of Work and how well he believes post-secondary education in China sets up graduates to be successful in the work-force – spoiler alert he doesn’t. We then discuss the One Belt One Road initiative, something James’ is a bit of an expert and thought leader on. Enjoy!