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Many of our listeners know at least one or two people living in China, or at least that used to. Perhaps family, friends, or even colleagues. For many of them, if they left China or were outside China when Covid hit, they had a long wait before being able to return. Some decided to take extended vacations and wait it out in a place like Bali, some decided to relocate for good back to their home country, and others, like today’s guest, have been itching to get back to China and over the last few months have finally been able to. All of them having to quarantine for the 14-day minimum requirement. Today we bring back the Co-Founder and CEO of WPIC Marketing + Technologies, Jacob Cooke, to tell us what it’s like going back, what has changed and what hasn’t, and what we can look forward to in what has to be a very difficult future to try and predict for cross-border commerce, travel, and trade. Enjoy!