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There are very few observers from the West who know China better than today’s guest, Anne Stevenson-Yang, so we decided to extend our discussion with her to try and get as much great content as possible, and in doing so have the luxury of splitting the conversation into two. Today you’re getting part one and in next week’s episode, you’ll hear part 2. Anne is a self-described “mutt” when referring to her background of starting so many different companies in China. Anne is American-born and raised, but has lived in the People’s Republic of China for more than 25 years. In 2008 she co-founded her most recent company, which was renamed to J Capital in 2011, which is an independent research firm that focuses mainly on Chinese companies and the macro environment. In this Part One episode we begin by talking about the de-coupling of manufacturing by the US from China, which has garnered a lot of attention, and whether it will actually happen, as well as Anne’s surprising take one whether China has changed over the last 25 years in which she’s lived there. We also ask Anne what the thoughts and sentiments are about the US elections by first Chinese citizens and then by the Government. We also discuss the TikTok and WeChat situation in her eyes and the impact on the international business community. We close part one with a fantastic discussion on why Anne believes Alibaba, and Tencent as well, are terrible investment targets, and how and where we can find decent data to indeed make good investment decisions on Chinese companies, and how she knew before almost anyone that Luckin Coffee’s numbers where fraudulent. Enjoy!