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In this episode of The Negotiation, we talk with Ann Lee, author of What the US Can Learn From China and Will China’s Economy Collapse. We talk about her background with China, why she left Wall Street, and how predicting the economic crash of 2008 garnered her the respect of Chinese policymakers and US Academia alike. We talk about her book What the US can learn from China and why it was so popular in China as well as dozens of other nations around the world. We also talk about a few myths and misconceptions involving China, including tech transfer policies that have been widely misconstrued for several years now, a conversation that should hopefully alleviate concerns for foreign brands going into China. We talk about whether companies need to be extra careful doing business in China and segway into discussing her second book, Will China’s Economy Collapse, including why she wrote the book and how the obviously bombastic title came to be. Lastly but perhaps most importantly, we discuss the coronavirus and the potential impact it will have on business not just in China but globally, as this is a difficult time that will, in one way or another, affect us all. Enjoy!