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Selling On Lazada Successfully

Published on: September 7, 2022

Selling on Lazada Homepage
Southeast Asia is one of the fasting growing markets in the world for e-commerce. It’s projected the region will reach US$142.7 billion in gross merchandise value (GMV) in 2022 and with an astounding annual growth rate of 15.08%. The market has over 400 million internet users and a booming digital economy, making it a fantastic opportunity for cross-border e-commerce. If you’re looking to expand your business into Southeast Asia, then selling on Lazada, one of the leading marketplaces in the region, is, perhaps, the best place to start. In this post, we discuss everything you need to know about selling on Lazada.

What is Lazada?​

Lazada is one of largest e-commerce platforms in Southeast Asia with more than 50 million annual active users. There’re over 155,000 sellers, 3,000 brands, and 300 million SKUs spanning product categories like consumer electronics, household goods, toys, fashion, groceries, beauty products, and more. It’s closest competitor in the West is Amazon and in general, the platform is considered an online gateway to Southeast Asia.

Selling on Lazada Homepage

Chinese technology giant, Alibaba Group acquired in Lazada in 2016 as part of its international expansion plan.

The platform has a separate dedicated site for each country that it has a presence:

Brands can set up a Lazada storefront for each site, and customize product lists, descriptions, and prices for customers in each country. For instance, some brands start selling on Lazada in Singapore before moving on to open Lazada store in Indonesia. However, other brands take advantage of the Lazada ecosystem and use it to launch inside of six regions at the same time (offering access to more consumers right away at a relatively affordable launch price).

Ultimately, the good news is that the digital marketplace is open to international brands who want to tap into the Southeast Asia e-commerce market.

Why partner with WPIC when selling on Lazada?​

WPIC is one-stop-shop for launching brands on Lazada. We specialize in offering end-to-end solutions to help your brand succeed in Asia. We help clients through the process of registering and activating a Lazada flagship store, including:

SKU Listing and Merchandising​

Sellers are required to provide rich, descriptive product information which consists of colour, dimension, weight, image, pricing, and much more. By partnering with WPIC, we ensure compliance with Lazada processes and rules for listing SKUs. Our team provides support and guide on SKU selection strategy, administrative processes, pricing, margin optimization, and much more.

Furthermore, WPIC has a custom-built data tool, Discripto™, that can provide clarity as to what products will best perform in your category, at what time of the year, at what price, and at what sizes and colour. This allows you to mitigate your risk when entering the market and helps your brand perform effectively and efficiently.

Not only that, but Discripto™ can show how your competitors are performing in the market, and at what price point, so you can be sure your Lazada market entry is being led with your best foot forward.

Opening your Lazada store is only the first step. You still need to drive traffic, clicks, and conversions. One way of doing this to be leverage effective Lazada storefront design to build trust, communicate brand messages and values, and convert to sales.

At WPIC, we design and build stores to align with a brand’s existing design assets and aesthetic— as well as leverage demographic research and local insights to appeal to local tastes and preferences across Lazada’s six markets in Southeast Asia.

Lille Baby Lazada Store
WPIC launched LÍLLÉbaby on Lazada following a successful launch on Tmall in China

Sellers on Lazada can also promote their products and brands within the platform. WPIC drives traffic to new stores through omnichannel marketing, as well as store campaigns that convert sales.

Effective campaigns that brands can participate when selling on Lazada include:

…and much, much more.

Creativity in Digital Marketing

As more and more brands enter the Southeast Asian markets, a successful digital marketing campaign requires creativity in order for brands (across all product categories) to stand out from their competitors.

At WPIC, our end-to-end market growth solution set includes a creative practice that is led by an industry-veteran of Asia’s creative agency space, Charles Lavoie (who has worked on award-winning campaigns for Chanel, DiDi, Paulaner, Uber, Daimler, P&G, and many other international brands).

Under Charles’ leadership, WPIC’s Creative Labs division deploys creative tactics tailored to your audience – and integrates those tactics across all the leading channels and platforms in the region – to ensure your brand resonates with the world’s savviest consumers.

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Online influencers (KOL) marketing has become “a must” in Southeast Asia, and it is an invaluable tactic for building brand awareness, driving traffic, and increasing sales. TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are the top platforms in the region, as that quartet consumes the attention of most Southeast Asian internet users. The right KOL endorsements on these platforms will surely create buzz for your organization.

As netizens encounter marketing repeatedly on their social media apps daily, creative content that conveys the values of your brand is key to executing successful marketing campaigns and driving growth.

Our Creative Labs division help global brands that do just that. We develop bold campaigns that achieve measurable, consistent growth across all the hottest platforms that are most directly tied to Southeast consumer activity and attention.


Getting your products in the hands of your customers is crucial. Any brand serious about long-term success in Asia knows the importance of having effective logistic solutions for the region. At WPIC, we have more than 65,000 sq. ft. of owned, secured logistics and warehousing space located in Nanjing, China.

We provide clients a single-source inventory for the entire APAC region that allows them to access more than 2 billion customers (from the northern tip of Japan to the bottom tip of Indonesia) from one, centrally located facility.

In addition to the physical space, WPIC has industry-leading warehouse management and order management systems that oversee API integration between the Lazada store, the Nanjing warehouse, and a client’s existing inventory management systems.

In short, our end-to-end set-up and years of expertise in the region means your organization’s operation is seamless and effective.

What is LazMall?

With the increasing need for a worry-free online shopping experience across all customer segments, Lazada launched its authenticity-guaranteed branded destination known as LazMall.

LazMall is an exclusive marketplace for recognized brand partners, and it guarantees customers 100% authentic products, 7-day delivery, and features a 15-day free return policy.

Not only do customers get peace of mind by shopping on the LazMall platform, but sellers on the virtual mall gain access to LazMall-exclusive campaigns, higher product search rankings, and heightened credibility for potential customers – a win-win all around.

Brand owners and authorised brand distributors are exclusively eligible to apply for a LazMall flagship store after six months of operating a regular store. How do you ensure your brand performs well invite to have the best chance to be approved for a LazMall flagship store?

WPIC guides clients through the multi-step verification process as well as LazMall store activation and management.

In short, our experienced SE Asia e-commerce team provides support to ensure a high standard of end-to-end customer experience.

Key Takeaways:

For global brands looking to sell their products in Southeast Asia, Lazada is a crucial platform to consider as you start. The right partner can help grow your brand on one of Southeast Asia’s most popular online marketplaces.

WPIC is amongst Asia’s top trusted e-commerce consultancies with over 17 years of experience in the region. Additionally, the firm has received a 5-star Tmall partner rating in China from Alibaba (Lazada’s parent company).

Interested to grow your brand on the Lazada platform? Get in touch to learn more.

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